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The Old Franklin Township Historical Society through the assistance of a grant from the Sauk County Arts and Humanities would like to announce their book titled “May 21st 1918 Cyclone – A Path of Destruction.”  The book covers the cyclone from its start in the state of Iowa to its end near Poynette in Columbia County, Wis., where it hit the encampment of the 161st Artillery of 3000 men enroute to Sparta, Wis.  Featured in the book is the damage in Lone Rock where much of the town was destroyed, destruction around and in the village of Plain where St. Luke’s Catholic Church was destroyed and the destructive path across Sauk County.  The book of 300 pages contains a large number of postcards and photos submitted from the local area, as well as recollections of people who lived through the cyclone.  We would like to thank the local communities for submitting all their photos and lovely memories.
   Copies are available for purchase at $30 plus shipping and handling $5.00 through members of the Old Franklin Township Historical Society, 915 Wachter Avenue, P.O. Box 218, Plain, Wis. 53577 or use the download order form at the botton of this page.





1937 MOVIE


With period background music

Published & printed by William Schutte

   In honor of Plain's 100th Birthday, we have available for sale a new 25 minute DVD.  Included on the DVD is the 16 mm film made in November 1937. This film contain video of the children at St. Luke's School and shots of people around the village. The first part is shown at regular speed; with the second part shown at a slower speed, so faces of children and people can be identified. Many people have already seen this old 16 mm 1937 film. But the third part is new and has a large collection of vintage photo postcards of the village. This DVD can be played on a TV/DVD player just like a movie or on a computer.  It is for sale for $10 with $2.50 for shipping and handling. This was made possible because of the generosity of William C. Schuette for producing and printing as a donation. Bill produced the video with period music playing in the background. To order see the last line on the below order blank or contact any OFTHS officer.


Genealogies of Families that Immigrated to Sauk County, Wisconsin, from Bavaria, Germany

The DVD, which can be played on any computer that has a DVD drive, can also be copied to the computer for faster access to the files and the DVD kept as backup in case of loss or damage to the original files. The DVD is for sale for $20.00 and might make a good Christmas present for family members. Sales are being handled by the Old Franklin Township Historical Society(OFTHS), which will use any profits from the DVDs to further historical preservation and family history projects. Copies of the DVD can also be purchased from the Kraemer Library and Community Center in Plain. See order blank at the bottom of this page.

Note DVD is not a movie to be viewed on your TV.
It is for computer use only.

So, what’s in the DVD?

  • An introduction, which provides information on the creators of the genealogical material, a description of the material, a guide to use of the DVD, information useful in doing family research, a bibliography of family histories by people from Plain, and information on the story of the DVD’s creation. This is in pdf. format and can be printed as a booklet by the user of the DVD.
  • George Ederer’s family pedigrees for 211 main family names and over 18,000 individual names.
  • Otto Horz’s dissertation with information about 2,000 individuals who immigrated to the U.S.
  • Hanjörg Schneider writings about Waldmünchen emmigration.
  • Gary Haas's indexes to family names in cemetery and other records.




   This film was taken by Gerald Lomasney with one of the first movie cameras sold for individual use, and so is not as clear as our present-day digital ones.  But what wonderful pictures he has captured!  We are grateful to Maggie and Gerald Lomasney for donating their time, effort, and expense to place their film on DVD/VHS and giving the Old Franklin Township Historical Society the opportunity to sell them as a Fundraiser.

   This parade took place on Saturday, June 4, 1955 with “A Century of Progress in Farm Machinery” being the theme.  This was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Town of Franklin.  It was an eighty-three-float parade in which four hundred and fifty people took part.


   DVD $20 plus shipping & handling $1.50 or VHS $20 plus shipping & handling $3.

   Contact members of the Old Franklin Township Historical Society, 915 Wachter Avenue, P.O. Box 218, Plain, Wis. 53577 or use the download order form at the bottom of this page.





By Phyllis Liegel Dearborn


   As a child Phyllis (Liegel) Dearborn played in the field where this ghost village once was located.  At one time White Mound (Billy town) was a very active and thriving community in Franklin Township consisting a Methodist Church, post office, cheese factory, general store, blacksmith shop, and a saloon with icehouse.  By the 1930's White Mound was only a memory, with a few cement foundations and a cemetery remaining to remind folks that it existed at all.


   Copies are available for purchase at $16 plus $3.00 shipping & handling.  Contact any member of the Old Franklin Township Historical Society; 915 Wachter Ave.; P.O. Box 218; Plain, Wisconsin 53577





   For the first time there is now an Index  to Hildegard Thering's book "A History of Plain, Wisconsin" available for sale at $10 plus shipping and handling $3.00.  Thanks to two of our members Sandy Stiemke and Karen Beth.  Several years ago these two girls spent many hours of their free time taking notes to compile this Index to be used with Hildegarde's book.
   Contact members of the Old Franklin Township Historical Society, 915 Wachter Avenue, P.O. Box 218, Plain, Wis. 53577 or use the download order form at the bottom of this page.





A History of Plain

by Rev. Johann G. Laurer





St. Anne’s Hill ~ The Plain Shrine

by Lorry Ann Erickson, Sherri Ann Erickson and Martha Ann Erickson


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